Signs You Need Denture Repairs or Adjustments

Your dentures allow you to eat, talk, and have fun in life without worrying about your teeth. However, dentures do not last forever and many times they will need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced when they are broken or damaged in some other way. Let’s go over some of the signs your dentures need to be seen by a professional.

Broken Teeth

If your dentures are broken because you drop them, step on them, or they are put under immense pressure, you should not try to fix them. If you try to fix dentures on your own, you may end up with dentures that do not fit normally and additional problems can arise if you continue wearing them without seeing a specialist.

Cracks & Chips

Cracks or chips in dentures can happen when there is an accident or when you eat something hard while wearing dentures. Chips can also occur in the remaining teeth in the mouth that can cause irritation if not addressed. You may still wear your dentures, but you could be negatively affecting your oral health and should remove dentures and speak with a dental professional as soon as possible.

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When you experience discomfort while your partial dentures in Sun City are in, this could be a sign of your dentures not fitting correctly. Your dentures will not feel like your natural teeth, but they should not cause any soreness while they are being worn. If you notice soreness in the jaws, uneven pressure, or discomfort when taking to friends or eating, speak with your dental professional to have dentures assessed.

If your dentures are damaged in any way, shape, or form, speak to a medical professional specializing in dentistry to get them assessed and have repaired or adjustments made to keep them functioning as they should.